full kitchen

Full Kitchen

The kitchen facilities will allow your caterers to work unimpeded, to prepare and serve your guests on time and with no issue.


tesla & EV chargers

Testla Chargers

To further make St. Mark’s Place relevant to the needs of our modern world, we have three electric car chargers installed. Available now are a 40amp EV charging station and two Tesla charging stations 40 amp and 80 amp. All three are available for public use. For FREE. You can find us on www.plugshare.com and www.teslamotors.com.



The stage area faces the open interior space, giving excellent acoustics for live music or stage performances.

our facilities

Wheelchair Accesibility

St. Mark’s Place is accessible to wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Sound and Lights

St Mark’s Place has a professional setup for both sound and lights.

Sound and lights